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    ¡¡¡¡Jiangsu Huimin Traffic Facility Co., Ltd is located in Industrial Area Huai¡¯An District, Jiangsu (Hometown of Premier Enlai Zhou), which is the hig-tech and private-owned enterprise in Jiangsu. The registered capital asset is 80 million Yuan, and it covers an area of 164,000 ©O while its workshop occupies 41,000 ©O. There are 626 staffs and around 150 technical cadres with master degrees and senior professional title including 21 senior enginners, 103 technical staff, 67 senior technicians, and 312 technical workers.Details>>

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    The BRT automa... energy-saving,environmental,and safety recommended products in2007 t...

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    BRT is the abbreviation of Bus Rapid Transit, derived from Curitiba, Brazil. It uses large capacity buses, improved transportation services and exclusive bus lanes to make....



    • Vehicle Free Acces¡­

      Guide ramp is a telescopic underfloor mechanism for commercial use in applications of lowf¡­
    • DS Type Electrical¡­

      When closing the door, the two front and rear electrical locks will work to make the door ¡­
    • HSQ SERIES OF ¡­

      HSQ series of automobile electromagnetic retarders are the environment-protective hi-tech ¡­
    • FA803 PNEUMATIC FO¡­

      FA803 pneumatic folding door mechanism consists of three parts: solenoid valve, differenti¡­
    • Bus Rapid Transit&¡­

      Platform Screen Door consists of two parts: mechanical part and pneumatic-electrical part.¡­
    • The Introduction o¡­

      Increasing the mechanism based on the sliding door to achieve the plugging action which br¡­
    • Electrical Sliding ¡­

      This product is mainly applied to the opening, closing and locking tightly of the business¡­
    • Vehicles Anti-Collision¡­

      Frequently used anti-collision technology and existing technology

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